8 Traditional Chinese Medicine Tips to Keep You Healthy

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Winters are tough. Low temperatures, wind and that annoying flu that comes around every single year… Are you sniffing and coughing and fighting that winter cold which just won’t go away?winter cozy cold coffee book bed health traditional chinese medicineHere are some rules, which every doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will tell you to follow, while taking the herbs, to get rid of sickness:

  1. No stress – calm down and focus on just getting better
  2. No depression – “healthy spirit – healthy body”
  3. No spicy food – it may make you feel warm inside but it irritates your digestive system
  4. No alcohol – Yep, it’s hard but you can do it!
  5. No cold – warm drinks balance your body temperature and help it function better
  6. Drink water as soon as you feel thirsty – hydrate – don’t wait
  7. Don’t keep anything inside which feels that should be outside aka go to the bathroom as soon as you feel that you have to, blow your nose, cough, spit, burp and so on
  8. Don’t sit for a long time

These may seem simple and straightforward but how often do you actually follow them? Try to be mindful of these 8 rules while fighting any type of infection or sickness and you may actually get better faster.

Stay healthy, stay warm and stay positive! 😉

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