Community Associations are an important part of the expat ecosystem. That’s why has partnered with local associations to provide you with additional options to network, learn and enjoy your new home.

International Newcomers Network INN

INN is a resource for newcomers of all foreign nationalities to obtain information about living in Beijing. We offer a support network for those facing the challenges of getting settled in Beijing and provide an opportunity to meet new friends and connect with those who have similar interests. INN is not only about Newcomers to this dynamic city of Beijing. We are also a community of seasoned expats who enjoy socializing and exploring both the old and new Beijing. Some of us have been in Beijing for many years and plan to remain for many more while some are here for shorter stays. No matter how long we stay in Beijing, the relationships that we build with our friends of INN while here will be with us for many years to come no matter where we go into the world.

INN is an “all volunteer” organization. Whether you have loads of time or not all that much, we have positions that will fit your availability and interests. All volunteer positions can be done easily without having any knowledge about Beijing or the Chinese language. Click Here to see currently open INN Volunteer Positions

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