Blue Dragon Festival

When "the dragon raises its head" and spring begins.

zhonghe festival blue dragon

The Blue Dragon Festival, better known in China as Zhonghe Festival, is an important agricultural holiday. It signifies the start of the rain season when the “dragon raises his head” and we can see the first signs of spring.

It is rarely celebrated in the cities but it is important milestone for the countryside. There are many traditions associated to this holiday. Here are some of the ones you should know about:

  1. Clean the House

It is safe now to go ahead and clean the house. You no longer run the chance of sweeping away your good luck… Are you wondering what that is referring to? Read the Chinese New Year Traditions blog post to find out.

  1. Get a haircut

Similarly, you no longer need to worry about cutting off your good fortune. Now, feel free to cut your hair (see Chinese New Year Traditions blog for more details)

  1. Eat Dragon Food

Dumplings (dragon’s ears); Noodles (dragon’s beard) and Spring Pancakes (dragon’s scales) Do you want to know how to prepare it? Take a Chinese Cooking Class  😉