Who can have a listing on GloberWeb.com? Listing Guidelines

  • Are you an individual instructor/teacher OR a venue/business that offers classes/workshops?
  • Do you offer Regularly Scheduled classes/workshops – every day/week/month?
  • Do you teach some or all of your classes in English or Spanish?

If you answered YES to ALL questions – Go Ahead! Read on…

  1. What is a Listing?

A Listing is the GloberWeb page of the venue/instructor/business. It contains information such as name, location, contact, reviews, photos, description of classes/workshops and more.

2. Who can have a listing on GloberWeb.com?

  • Instructors / venues / businesses offering classes and workshops
  • Classes & Workshops include experiences led by an instructor/teacher/guide where people can learn, train, make, or build something at a permanent location or online
  • All listed classes/workshops must be in English or Spanish
  • All classes/workshops must occur at a physical location with a permanent address or online
  • Must be open and available to the general public
  • Must be available on a regularly scheduled basis:
    1. Every day/week/month
    2. It is acceptable to have a series of classes/workshops where each is on a different topic as long as they occur regularly and the schedule is outlined (full or partial) on GloberWeb
  • If a business have multiple locations: each location should have a separate listing
  • All listings must be verified to fulfill all conditions above
    • Events, festivals, or other short-term things to do
    • Tours
    1. What if a place or business permanently closes? – Listing will be removed
    2. If a listing temporarily closes (e.g. for renovation) or seasonally closes (e.g. for the winter), we keep the listing on our site but there will be no info on available classes
  • What if a place or business moves to a new address? – Listing will be updated with the new address

3. Why was my listing request rejected?

Listing requests are rejected because of one of the following reasons:

  • We cannot verify that the place or business meets our guidelines. This is due to insufficient information.
  • We determined that the place or business does not meet our guidelines.

*If you are in doubt or you need to discuss, click here: contact us