Why Reviews are important? How can I write a Review on GloberWeb.com?

Reviews are very important for our community of expats & locals AND for the venues & instructors who provide us with the great variety of classes and workshops.

When you share your feedback through a Review, you help your fellow community members – those you know and those you haven’t met yet. Your feedback helps them:

  • Pick the activity they would like to try;
  • The instructor or venue that would be the best fit for them;
  • Makes them more comfortable with exploring everything there is around…

Venues and Instructors also benefit from your Reviews. They can quickly see where they excel and what they need to work on. Your feedback is an encouragement for them to keep up the good work and gives them ideas on how to make it even better… for YOU!

To write a review on GloberWeb.com, just Log In -> find the class/workshop listing page -> scroll to the bottom of the page -> Write a Review -> Submit for Approval -> Your Review will appear within 24h

Below is a summary of some of the findings from a survey that shows how much people need REVIEWS and how much they unitize them in their daily life: