How does work for Users? is the perfect platform for all looking to experience, learn, grow, meet new friends and have fun.

Expats and locals alike, can use the website to easily find a variety of activities based on their preferences:

  • They can search by Type of Activity within our Listings – options include Arts & Crafts, among which painting, dance, photography and more; Health & Wellness, including a variety of workouts, yoga, martial arts, mindfulness and more; Coaching workshops, Cooking, Language classes and the list goes on…
  • Users can search by Region / Location
  • Users can contact venues and instructors directly from the Listing page via Click-to-Chat on WhatsApp and/or WeChat, Click-to-Email, Click-to-Call
  • Community Feedback is easily accessible via the Reviews section

Our main goal is to give our community options, to make it easy and accessible for all to pick & choose what activity is best for them, to try multiple or stick to one.