What are some BEST PRACTICES to create an engaging Listing?

#1 Most importantly, ensure your listing is up-to-date! 

This builds confidence and trust in you, your dedication to your clients and your work.

#2 Make a great first impression using Listing Images/Photos

Listing images are the first thing people see! Take that opportunity to ENGAGE your audience. Provide them with a VISUAL HOOK.

  1. Quality:
    • DO ensure all images on your listing are HIGH quality! This conveys Professionalism and Attention to Detail– traits your potential clients are looking for!
    • DON’T post any blurry, grainy or smudged photos – low quality images are not only unpleasant to view but they also leave an impression of an amateur operation, that is the last thing you want people to associate you with.
  2. File Size:
    • DO balance Quality & File Size – remember that lowering the file size doesn’t always affect the quality of the images. For web pages, images of around 100KB still look professional and help your page loading time
    • DON’T post too large images – they take longer to load on the viewer’s browser which slows down your Listing page
    • For more information on Best Practices for Web Images see this article:Preparing Image Files for Web
  3. Appearance:
    • DO capture at least one of the following:
      1. ACTION – seeing you teach or your clients doing and enjoying the activity (exercising, dancing, painting, etc.): Conveys ATMOSPHERE + Evokes EMOTION = Desire to JOIN
      2. RESULT – end result of the activity (perfectly cooked meal, beautiful painting, etc.): Makes your AUDIENCE want the SAME = Desire to JOIN
    • DON’T post images with WRITING on them:
      1. Lowers the quality and DIMINISHES the Visual Hook effect
      2. Writing is for the Description – Images are intended to draw the audience and make them want to learn more. Once they have opened the Listing and experienced the emotion of the clear & high quality photos, then your audience wants to find out more and will read the Description

#3 How to write a compelling Listing Description?

1. Brief Introduction

  • Who are you? How do you stand out? Why should people choose you? – tell your audience what are your qualifications, experience, inspiration…
  • Summarize in 3-4 sentences – people don’t have time to read… you have SECONDS to make an impression and grab the attention – USE IT WISELY!

2. Courses / Workshops

  • Include ALL courses/workshops in the same Listing – it is very likely that if someone is interested in one of your courses, they may enjoy all of them… So take that opportunity to showcase everything you have to offer!
  • Added BONUS: all reviews from all of your courses will go under the same Listing. The more reviews you have, the greater attention and trust you will earn!
  • Suggested Structure:
    • Course 1 Name & Brief Description (1-2 sentences)
      • Schedule:
        • If you already have a website with a Schedule page – feel free to add a link to it
        • If you don’t have a website – use this Listing to showcase your schedule. The most efficient way, which won’t require constant updating is:
          • Regular Weekly Courses – Weekday / Time
          • Regular Monthly Courses – Dates / Times (each month)
          • Workshops – Start & End Date / Time
          • Add an Image with your Schedule
      • Location:
        • NOTE: Each Listing shows with a single location on the map (1 listing = 1 map location pin)
        • We recommend having a separate Listing for EACH location. People search not only by Category (interest) but ALSO by Region (location on map).
        • If you have multiple listings with multiple locations, you can add a link to your other listings under the Course description
    • Course 2… follow the same guidelines…
    • Course 3… and so on…