Expat life makes a big IMPACT on all of us. It changes us in ways we would have never imagined, allows us to broaden our horizons and explore priceless opportunities. We feel privileged to have these amazing experiences so we asked ourselves: How do we give back to the countries & communities that have opened their hearts to us? …we decided to start a new initiative… GloberImpact

GloberImpact is all about how WE, the GloberWeb.com community in collaboration with our Partners, can get involved and make an IMPACT.

There are a few ways to do so:
volunteer, donate, give

•Participate – join us for activities and workshops designed to raise funds for our selected charity

•Volunteer – donate your time. GloberWeb.com will post opportunities as they become available. We will also announce them in our Newsletters.

•Organize initiatives benefiting our selected charity. We’ll help spread the word.

Our Selected Charities

We, the GloberWeb.com community, firmly believe that education is the base for improving lives in all spheres and social situations. GloberWeb.com helps expats integrate and thrive in their new environment through education – activities, workshops and classes – where we learn, meet new friends and grow personally as well as professionally. This is why we support the following charities focused on making an impact through education.

IN China: Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC), a charity organization registered in Canada and China. EGRC is helping girls from unprivileged background who are determined to change their lives through education.

EGRC“If you are planning for a year, sow rice. If you are planning for a decade, plant trees. If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.”

~Chinese Proverb

About EGRC

Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) is a registered Canadian charity. Established in 2005, EGRC became legalized in China in 2017. EGRC’s belief is educated women have educated children. The mission is to provide financial sponsorship to young women from rural regions of Western China to receive high school and university education. EGRC provides further opportunities to these women who have potential to become the future female leaders that China and the world needs. Thanks to EGRC’s generous supporters, over 12 years hundreds of young women’s lives have been changed: their families have been lifted out of poverty and their children will be educated too.

EGRC Programs

  • Sponsor financially-challenged female students’ four- or five-year undergraduate studies
  • Sponsor financially-challenged female students’ three-year high school studies
  • Assist EGRC university graduates with enrollment in graduate programs at international universities
  • Provide further career, internship, and training opportunities for university graduates

EGRC Success

  • Over 1000 young women have received sponsorships
  • Students have achieved a graduation rate of above 99%
  • University graduates continue forward by donating back, mentoring younger students, and acting as ambassadors for EGRC to help raise funds and awareness

EGRC University Students Give Back initiative is now a tradition. Every year they organize Summer Teaching Camps for kids age 6 to 16 in their home villages. The camp focuses on various creative activities and emphasizes the importance of education.

We, the GloberWeb.com family, are proud to support the efforts of Educating Girls of Rural China!

Learn more about EGRC: http://egrc.ca/