Hidden Faces of Hong Kong

Magazines and travel blogs have raved about Hong Kong but rarely has anyone mentioned the other beauty, that of the hidden city faces.

The cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong is famous for being a financial hub, a street food wonderland and boasting one of the most impressive skylines in the world. Yes, all of this is true! It has been highlighted in magazines and travel blogs but rarely there are mentions of the hidden treasures.

hong kongThe hidden treasures that have shaped the city and have given it its charm, its unique atmosphere. Those, that have made so many fall in love with Hong Kong.

The Sanctuary of History

The most striking place, which evokes emotions and reflections in everyone who gets to experience it, is the Foreign Correspondents Club, or simply, FCC. After changing numerous locations over the years, it is currently housed in a 19th century Ice House. However, the vintage architecture is not the most historic or impressive thing about it. No! FCC is a sanctuary of history.

It is a true privilege to get to experience that atmosphere where the walls are covered with award-winning war photographs, so impactful and so emotional that they transcend time. You can see images from the horrors of the Vietnam War – a gun pointed at a man’s head, about to shoot; children running for their life, the despair of the war pits – looking at all of this, you feel that you were there. You feel the pain but you also can’t help but feel admiration for the reporters and photographers that risked their lives to bring awareness to the world.

The entire FCC is a hall of fame, a hall of honor, a hall of admiration and a keeper of values. It is so enchanting to take a moment of reflection in the Quiet Room or take a seat at the vintage bar with a glass of wine… and feel as if Marvin Farkas and Clare Hollingworth would walk right in… but look around; among the other patrons you may actually recognize some of the heroes of today.

The Gift of Nature

And then, there is the beauty of Hong Kong seen from the top of Victoria Peak. Yes, it is the most visited attraction of the city where everyone goes to admire the man-made sea of skyscrapers, lights and ports.

But just like in life, if you step away from the conventional, if you take a look in an unorthodox direction, you discover a priceless treasure. People visiting Hong Kong almost forget how generous nature has been to this place and how much natural beauty there is. So just take a few steps and go to the other side of the 360 Victoria Peak tower, you’ll see a whole different universe. No, there are no skyscrapers. It is just the sky, the sea, the islands and, if you go at the right time… There is one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world! The bright red, orange and yellow shades take over the entire horizon and change rapidly the intensity as the sun moves in its trajectory. It is absolutely magical!

What’s more, there are only a few couples admiring this natural beauty while the thousands of tourists push each other and fight for a shot of the skyscrapers. Do yourself a favor:

hong kong sunset

Go before sunset and stay for the “best nature show in town”! … you can always go take that skyscraper shot after it is dark out 😉

The Labyrinth People

Let’s dive into the labyrinth of pedestrian bridges connecting office buildings, fancy malls, subway stations and even the port. That is certainly one of the wonders of Hong Kong. What is most wondrous however, is the sight of “lunching people”. No, not the ones in the restaurants or parks but the ones who spend their lunch break in the Hong Kong bridge maze. It is an unexpected sight to be seen. Hundreds of people gather, lay down large cardboards, create their version of picnic areas, then sit, socialize, eat and even take naps. All of these people are an integral part of Hong Kong but they represent the rustic, rural face of the city and this face stands out in contrast with the sophisticated one usually presented to the world. It may not be a beauty but it is a phenomenon of Hong Kong, curious to the Western eye.

hong kong

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Happy Travels!

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