3 Holiday Activities to Inspire Creativity

Boosting our creativity during the holidays is a gift to ourselves that will keep on giving.

The Holidays are such a magical time of the year when we all come together to spread joy, inspire, celebrate and cheer. Over these few months of euphoria, we reminiscent of the beautiful moments we’ve had over the passing year and we build up toward an even better year to come.

Boosting our creativity during the holidays is a gift to ourselves that will keep on giving. That is why we want to share with you some simple tips & tricks that will give you an extra pinch of joy this season and inspire you for the future:

Diversity group of four people - Caucasian, black and Asian - sitting with Christmas presents and bags in a shopping mall in front of a Christmas tree with baubles

  1. “Build Happiness with Your Own Two Hands”

As physicians Carrie and Alton Barron explain in “The Creativity Cure”, humans have the fundamental need to create with our minds and hands. When we use our hands to make something, our brain receives a lot of multi-sensory information at the same time, coming from employing all 5 senses – touch, sound, smell, sight and sometimes even taste – which in turn sparks creative thought.

In fact, what better time than the holidays to “build happiness with your own two hands”? Every year we go out of our way to buy the best, the newest, the most fashionable gift for our loved ones. We think hard and shop even harder to stack up that Christmas Tree.

What if we add in there a gift we make with our own two hands? How touching is it to receive something made by hand, built with love, while thinking of you?! DIY takes a whole new meaning during the holidays. It unleashes emotions and builds memories for a lifetime.

Maybe you are thinking: “Oh, but I’m not an artist! What should I make?” 

To this we say: “Everyone is an artist and everything made with love is exquisitely beautiful.”

You don’t have to do at home, alone… seek inspiration, go to a workshop, let those creative juices flow, mix and build up. The final gift you create will represent the deep love and caring for the other.

This applies not only to gifts. You can turn it into a family activity or a social adventure. Get together, create new Christmas decorations, cook creatively, build a new creativity corner in your house… Anything you make with your own two hands will bring you the unique experience of employing your senses into a creative adventure that will boost your innovative power in the year to come.

  1. Write by Hand

Did you know, there is a research supporting the theory that writing by hand can, in itself, increase your creativity?

The Holidays present the perfect time to do that! Write your wishes on the holiday cards, maybe send a hand-written family letter, write in your diary or just hand write inspirational holiday messages to give out… Indulge your senses as you feel the paper texture, observe the ink, the letters shape and let those creative juices flow! Hey, maybe you can get some inspiration from Chinese Calligraphy

  1. Get Social

Conversations with people we trust can boost our creativity because during those chats we feel free to be ourselves, to express our thoughts and discuss our passions. That is a strong catalyst to unleashing creativity!

What better time for that than the holidays? It is a time when we enjoy holiday events for charity, at work, by our favorite associations… We are naturally surrounded by like-minded people and by our closest friends & family so lets “get social” and charge up on creativity boosters.

Happy Holidays from our GloberWeb.com team!

We are so proud of the amazing community that all of you are and we certainly hope to inspire your innovation and creativity, to help you thrive in your expat life… just like all of YOU have and continue to inspire us! Cheers!

GloberWeb.com started as a community project to help expats discover and enjoy their new home-away-from-home. Together, we immerse in local culture, stay healthy, learn, meet new people and have fun. 

Along the way, we discovered that venturing into activities and workshops has even deeper benefit for people. It is a way to foster creativity, boost innovation and imagination. Let’s continue to build our community and inspire each other.

What’s your take? Follow our Creativity Booster blogs and tell us what you think in the comments below…

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