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Feeling lonely after moving to a place? Wondering how to even begin making friends? Stacy Hubbard, Certified Gottman Therapist says “there are ways to put yourself out there, even if you’re an introvert”. She’s explaining for Thrive Global that according to science, the oxytocin “bonding” hormone gets released not only with affection and touch but also when you’re having meaningful conversation with a friend which is essential for health and longevity. The first important step is to get yourself in situations where you are around people with similar interests as you, like cooking, dancing, concerts, photography, hiking or volunteering. This way, you’ll immediately have something to talk about. The key then to forming those great friendships is to be interested in the other person. • Browse available activities around you.

Art raises kids’ self-esteem, even more so when parents participate in the activities as well. New research by The New York Academy of Sciences shows a definitive connection between kid’s art engagement – listening to or playing music, drawing, painting or making things or reading for enjoyment – and their self-esteem at age 11. The correlation was further intensified when kids participated in those activities with their parents. Self-esteem is linked to lifelong development and well-being but it tends to decline as children enter adolescence, that is why this research by Hei Wan Mak & Daisy Fancourt is essential in proving the importance of promoting art engagement at early age. • Browse available activities around you.

Moderate alcohol consumption improves the pronunciation of a foreign language in people who have recently learned that language, according to a research by Journal of Psychopharmacology. The study was performed with 50 native German speakers who have recently learned Dutch. They were randomly given ether a low dose of alcohol or a beverage without alcohol. Then they took part in a discussion after which their foreign language skills were rated by native speakers and self-rated. While the self-rated results showed no difference, the observers’ ratings showed significantly better results for the participants who consumed alcohol. It’s important to point out that the participants consumed a low dose of alcohol. According to general observations, too much would most likely hinder your ability to speak… any language 😉 Ganbei! • Browse available language classes around you.

“Multicultural engagement” can determine the growth in integrative complexity and provides tangible increases in professional opportunities. According to a study of MBA students led by William W. Maddux of INSEAD, the level of “multicultural engagement” – the extend to which we adopt and learn about new cultures – can predict the success we have on the job market. Expats, take advantage of that! • Browse available cultural activities around you.

Human vs. Machine: How do we win the race? According to Jack Ma, there may not even be a race if we do that: “We have to teach something unique, so a machine can never catch up with us. These are the soft skills we need to be teaching our children: Values, Beliefs, Independent Thinking, Team Work, Care for Others. That’s why we should teach our kids Sports, Music, Painting, Art – to make sure humans are different from machines.” • Browse available activities around you.


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