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How to make an impact in your career; nature can aid your creative thinking; insights from Top Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For, and more inspiration for the week ahead...

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Want to boost your thinking skills? Try something new, says Harvard Medical School. According to research, taking up an activity that incorporates brain stimulation, physical movement, and social engagement can make your thinking more agile and creative. Some suggestions from the study include learning to play a new sport or taking a class in dance or tai chi. • Browse available activities around you.

Art can make you better innovative leader by allowing you to see things differently and focus your attention on details you may have missed otherwise. According to an article in, Amy Herman, art historian and lawyer, proves that in a vivid way by teaching NYC cops, CIA and FBI agents to truly observe and uncover clues to solve crimes in her course “The Art of Perception”. The same principles apply in all other professions where attention to detail and ability to effectively communicate innovative ideas can take your career to the next level. • Browse available art activities around you.

Nature can aid your creative thinking. Disconnecting from technology and immersing in natural setting for 4 days can improve creativity test scoring by 50%, according a study by psychologists from the University of Utah and University of Kansas. This clearly makes the case for taking some vacation time and “forgetting” your phone at home. Can’t afford to do that yet? How about taking at least some hours to spend outside without any of your devices? It may not be scientifically proven that the result will add up to the impressive conclusions above but logic tells us, it should account for something 😉 • Browse available outdoor activities around you.

To make an impact in your career, you should figure out why you are unique, says Helen Tupper for Marketing Week. Not sure yet? Her advice is to write down a list of 10 things you think you are good at. Then ask yourself what you specifically do and what value you uniquely create. Those answers may lead you to the powerful strength that makes you stand out. Being able to articulate two or three stand-out strengths will attract more opportunities to showcase them and result in you being more associated with them as part of your professional brand. • Browse available activities around you to grow and develop.

Do you know what the Top Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For 2018-2019 have in common? They value new ideas, invest in their people, empower them, provide them with opportunities to grow and develop. They give back to the community. They let employees be themselves. They encourage them to focus on growth and development through a variety of activities, which in turn allow them to foster that entrepreneurial spirit which keeps those same companies at the top of their fields. There is an important question you should ask yourself… It is not if your company is doing that for you. It is: If YOU are doing that for YOU? Have you taken ownership of your own development? • Browse available activities around you.


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