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Sardinia gives us a clue on how to live past 100 years. Did you know that a region of Sardinia has one of the longest life expectancies for both genders? The secret is in their social lives and relationships. In an article, Maria Chiara Fastame, a psychologist from the University of Cagliari, the social context is fundamental to get old well. People there stay involved with many activities, physical and cultural, which makes their minds sharp and efficient, they are less sedentary which promotes well-being, physical and psychological. • Browse available activities around you.

Group creativity could be tricky but if there is the right set-up, it totally works. Adam Grant spends a day studying the success of group writing for The Daily Show and his conclusions are on point. He discovers that burstiness is a key in creative content, just like improv, it feeds off of other’s comments. To have that creative burst, you need some conditions to be met. Structure and safety, openness to criticism, ability to laugh at oneself are key, Grant says in his podcast WorkLife. This formula can be applied to any work group where creativity is essential. • Browse available activities around you to boost your creativity.

A lesson from the life of Rockefeller on how to successfully build a business, according to article in Inc., is that self-mastery is most important. When you continually work on yourself, you concurrently help your business and entrepreneurial endeavors. • Browse available courses around you. Work on your self-mastery.

The secret to Creative Problem Solving may be just about how you phrase the question. HBR research shows that it can be as simple as asking yourself “What could I do?” instead of “What should I do?” Approaching problems with a “should” mindset gets us stuck and narrows our thinking on one answer, the one that seems most obvious. But when we think in terms of “could,” we stay open-minded and the trade-offs involved inspire us to come up with creative solutions. • Browse available creative activities around you.

Are you getting the biggest happiness bang for your buck? In their book “Happy Money”, authors Elizabeth Dunn and Harvard Professor Michael Norton outline five principles—from choosing experiences over stuff to spending money on others, that bring a lot more happiness with long term effects than simply buying stuff. The joy of the interaction and psychological enrichment is priceless. • Browse available experiences around you.


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