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Seeing art through other’s eyes can make you more innovative in your professional work. During the annual event, Cops & Docs at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, doctors and policeman (as the name suggests) get together for a guided walk where they observe in silence, then report and discuss with each other what each detail means to them, what conclusions they drew about the artwork and the artist. During this exercise, they gather a wealth of insights and learn to make careful observations while accepting an alternative point of view. On the same point… Have you noticed how during a painting class, each student’s final artwork looks different even thou they have worked on the same model art and followed the same steps to complete it? Pay close attention and you can see how every person focuses on specific set of details. This is a vivid illustration of how we all see the same reality from our unique vintage point and shows directly how we can learn critical thinking through Art. • Browse available art activities around you.

Music, drawing and dance are some of the new ways to teach kids math. Yes, that’s right! According to research, “breaking down the arbitrary barriers between science and art could help pupils grasp tricky concepts more easily. It is leading to a new way of teaching that aims to combine science, technology, engineering, arts and math”. • Browse available arts workshops around you.

Essential for your wellbeing is to select the right exercise for YOU. “One person’s stress-reducer may be another’s stress-inducer” says Bob Harper in an article for Thrive Global. It is a very personal thing and any activity that people are really into can be a stress reliever. • Browse available workouts around you, try them out and select YOURS.


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