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Sanlitun & Shunyi Campus

Atelier offers a unique range of Signature Art Classes for students from the age of four to adults at Sanlitun & Shunyi campuses. Art Classes are taught in English and/or French. Each class is based on four key points-

Art History
Critical Discussion
Learning of new artistic techniques
Early bird price starts!

Registering at least 20 sessions before 19th June can get 10% off !

Check out the list of class information and schedule below. The class size is 8 students maximum so make sure to take a spot asap!


Discover Visual Art  – 4-5 yo & 6-7 yo

Learn art through art history, discover new practices, open your mind and be creative.

This course is the first step to knowledge and understandings of Art History. During the year, DVA’ students will discover artists, masterpieces and artistic movements. They will experiment new techniques, learn to use creative tools and create ambitious artworks. They will explore colours, shapes and textures, and progressively learn to be autonomous and self confident in their creative gesture.


Discover & experiment all kinds of media
Engage the students: get curious, creative and learn autonomy
Open the student’s mind and build his/her critical mind
Learn how to transform an idea into a work of art
Learn how to choose the right tool and to use it properly
Discover Visual Art

Age : 4-5 yo

Class Duration: 1 hour
Class fee : 280 RMBSanlitun  Time-table:

Tue: 16:00- 17:00
Thur : 16:30-17:30
Sat : 9:30-10:30 &  10:30-11:30

Discover Visual Art ExtendAge : 6-7 yo

Class Duration: 1.5 hours
Class fee : 350 RMB
Sanlitun  Time-table:

Mon : 16:00-17:30

Wed : 16:00-17:30

Sat :10:45-12:15

Sun :14:00-15:30

Visual Art – age 8-12  & 12-15

This is a crucial age for the development of creativity.

Children are more aware of trends and how others perceive their work. They have entered a stage where their thoughts are more structured and with clearer direction so do their creative artworks.

This course aims to encourage students to get out of their comfort zone. They will work on topics that will help them question their surroundings, create awareness, and have a richer understanding of themselves. They will also learn about the main trends that have shaped History of Art. The art teacher will help them dig deeper in their abilities to create intelligent and ambitious artworks.


Develop the students’ creativity
Realize a project from its conception to the end
The teacher will encourage the students to stretch their own expectations and limits
Master more complicated artistic techniques

Age : 8-12 yo

Class Duration: 2 hours
Class fee : 400 RMBSanlitun   Time-table

Tue : 17:00-19:00

Sun : 10:30-12:30–Drawing & Painting   8-12 yo & 12-15 yoDiscover the foundations of drawing and painting through art history.This course is a perfect blend of creative and technical approaches. Students will learn drawing and painting techniques, inspired by artists’ painting from classical to more contemporary oeuvres. They will also learn to understand paintings as a powerful and protean media, to think about the image they create, and to make decisions about their gestures as painters in order to generate creativity and thoughts in their practice.Objectives
Develop a reflection based on the pictorial gesture
Acquire a real sense of observation
Learn patience
Discover and learn painting and drawing techniques

Class Duration: 2 hours

Class fee :400 RMB

Sanlitun   Time-table

Mon : 17:30-19:30

Fri : 17:00-19:00, Sat : 13:20-15:20–Technical Drawing & Painting   8-12 yo & 12-15 yoRaise your technical level This course offers a technical approach to learn drawing and painting from the basics. The students will experiment different pictorial techniques such as drawing with pencils, charcoal, ink, painting with watercolour, acrylic or oil. The teacher follows each student personally with his/her rhythm and progresses to guide them on their path to a more advanced technical level.

Schedule of Drawing & Painting classes for adults will be introduced on a separate post. Stay tuned for more information.

Age : 8-12

Class Duration: 2 hours
Class fee : 400 RMB
Sanlitun   Time-table

Wed : 17:00-19:00


Early bird discount :
10% discount if you make a purchase of 20 lessons and plus by June 19th 2018.
Family discount:
If you register more than one member in the same family, the second one will benefit a 10 % discount.

Special Offers can only be applied under one way from above.
For students who signed up for 2018-2019 Atelier regular classes can always enjoy a discount on attending every holiday camps, events, special programs, outings, family workshops at Atelier all year long.
If above schedule does not fit in your need, please contact our helpful administrators. If you could gather a group of four children minimum, we might be able to arrange a class for your group within our schedule availability.
New semester begins on 25th of August.


Atelier Sanlitun Campus: Room 502, Building 8A, Ju Long Hua Yuan, Sanlitun, Dongcheng District

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