Gourmet Ayi

Personalized cooking classes for your ayi

We provide personalized cooking classes for your Ayi in the convenience and comfort of your own kitchen with meals that you’ve picked out yourself.

Why do you need a Gourmet Ayi?

You want to enjoy home cooked meals.

You crave the flavors and dishes from back home.

You need your meals to be both delicious and nutritionally balanced.

You want to spend less time in the kitchen and save your energy for the people and things you love.

We can make that a reality with our Gourmet Ayi cooking classes.

Who is a Gourmet Ayi?

• She has a repertoire of tasty and nutritious meals that the whole family enjoys
• She can mix and match dishes and ingredients for more variety and different food preferences
•She knows the fundamentals of food hygiene, nutrition and cooking do’s and don’ts

How can we turn your ayi into a Gourmet Ayi?

• Through our cooking classes we equip her with a series of delicious and balanced recipes of your choice with options to substitute ingredients.
• We teach her about foreign ingredients and products, and (optional) go shopping with your ayi to give her a comprehensive understanding of the products in the store.
• We teach her guidelines on how to balance dishes and textures for a Western meal (habits of using starches, salads, soups, and how to use different spices and seasonings, etc.)
• We go through the fundamentals of food safety and sanitation, as well as what ingredients to avoid or use less of (such as MSG, salt, oil, etc.) and other nutrition basics.

How does it work?

1. Introductory Call:
We will give you a call through Wechat/Skype to help us understand your needs, kitchen possibilities and background. We will also explain the cooking classes in more detail, and encourage you to ask us any questions that you may have.
2. Recipe Selection:
After learning more about your meal requirements we will provide you with a list of meal options. You can choose 3-5 dishes (depending on cooking time and difficulty) that we will teach your Ayi in one session.
3. Supermarket tour (optional):
Together with your ayi we will visit a supermarket and talk her through commonly used and special foreign ingredients and products.
4. Cooking classes:
Classes will be held in Chinese and in the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen.

Cooking class details

• Each session will be around 3 hours long.
• Depending on cooking time and difficulty, we can prepare 3-4 recipes in one session.
• Recipe cards in both English and Chinese with a picture of the finished dish.
• Handout of commonly used and special foreign ingredients in both English and Chinese.

To set a time for the free introductory call, or for any other questions, please contact us at 18511769721 or add Marte on Wechat (ID: martevanos)

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