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When We First Started Big King, We Wanted To Create A Gym Where You Could Feel At Home.

Big King Is Our Life, A Gym We Created Where Our Goal Is To Help You Improve Physically And Mentally, Excell At Fitness And Fighting, Most Importantly Help You Reach Your Personal Goals. We Train Beginners Up To Professional Fighters, All Levels Are Welcome. Whether You Want To Lose Weight, Learn To Defend Yourself, Become A Better Fighter Or Simply Find A Release For Every Day Stress, Big King Is Here For You.

We Offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, No Gi (Submission Wrestling), Muay Thai, MMA Conditioning / Strength Classes And VIP Classes.

Cost: First Class Is Free Of Charge. No Strings Attached.


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Mobile: 15910227297

Location: 朝阳区西大望路蓝堡国际公寓南区2号楼S-B02泰弈泰拳馆

S-B02 Thai Boxing Gym, 2 South Zone, Lanbao International Apartment, Xidawang Road, Chaoyang District

On Dawanglu Subway Station Line 14, Exit E.

Feel Free To Call Or Connect With Us On WeChat For Directions Or Other Questions ?

7 reviews

  1. Great training and great atmosphere

    For the last two years I’ve been training regularly at Big King learning BJJ under Paulo Travares. His JiuJitsu is very powerful, and as a coach he is willing to go the extra mile to help you improve, as well as compete at local and national BJJ competitions.

    In addition to Paulo, Nano and Camila perfectly complement each other by providing excellent Muay Thai, stretching and MMA HIIT classes. Both Nano and Camila are knowledgeable, approachable, and genuinely care about their gym members fitness, health and wellbeing. The gym is therefore welcoming, friendly, and has a great atmosphere.

  2. Great place for beginners all the way to proffessionals

    More than gym it is a community or even a family. Nano and Camilla are extremely nice, and they care about each and single one student. They make sure to advice individually to everyone in the classes and give clear explanations.

    I was a merely beginner when I started practicing there but I have managed to learn a lot and also feel really welcomed and motivated to keep practicing .

    The schedules are flexible and there and you have a wide variety of classes that you attend.

    I really recommend Big King for anyone who is interested in martial arts and be part of a good community.

  3. Really enjoy training at Big King and have made new friends!

    I have been training at Big King since July 2017 and I have loved every minute of it. I mostly attend Muay Thai classes but I also enjoy the the circuit training classes and stretching classes. I am looking forward to giving BJJ a try as soon as I can.

    I had no martial arts experience before I joined Big King but the first thing I noticed was how welcoming all the other members and the trainers were. It doesn’t matter what your experience level is at Big King, there is always plenty of encouragement and help.

    Nano, Camilla, and their team of trainers have been fantastic. At most gyms I have trained at in the past, the trainers are only interested in you if you sign up for personal training. I think the thing that Nano and Camilla do best is to make you feel like they are your personal trainer, even in a group class environment. Both have regularly offered me training and diet advice and both take a personal interest in what your goals are and how you can reach them. I would say I am one of the oldest members of the gym but this has never been an issue or a problem.

    The gym fees are extremely affordable and Big king has plenty of flexible payment options to match most people’s budgets and schedules. The gym has enough well maintained equipment for new members to borrow and get a taste for the sport.

    Big King has a great social side to it as well with regular events and get togethers. If you are interested in improving your health, fitness and wellbeing, or just want to make a few new friends, or even try something new, I would highly recommend Big King.

  4. Great Gym!

    Big King has been a really solid and reliable gym to train at. The BJJ and Muay Thai training is challenging and very rewarding. The trainers will dedicate time to each student individually and make sure that everyone is getting something from the classes.

    Prior to joining Big King, I didn’t know much about dieting, what to eat and most importantly what not to eat. After speaking with the trainers, I was given a simple yet straightforward diet that really worked for me. That diet in combination with Big King’s wide selection of classes really helped me burn some fat.

    It’s a fun and open community, definitely a good place to meet new friends and train together. I can really recommend Big King to anyone who is looking for a gym in Beijing.

  5. Lost 7 KG in 3 months

    Joined Big King BJJ lunch HIIT classes and lost 7 KG in 3 months. Never felt better. The team is very friendly, does not matter your fitness level. I have not tried martial arts before and was quite unfit when I joined. Got nutrition advise as well in order to reach my goal. I will continue going.

  6. Big King is no ordinary gym, it’s a family and community. No matter what your level of experience in either Muay Thai or BJJ each class is catered to everyone’s needs and fitness level. Camilla and Nano make you feel at home and like you’re part of the family from the minute you step in the door for the first time.

    The classes are a great mix of technique, new skills, mastering old skills and fitness. There is even a girls only class where Camilla tailors the class to exactly what you’re looking for, be it toning, technique, conditioning or weight loss.

    I’ve been to many gyms where people just come, workout and leave without even being seen by a trainer. At Big King it’s like each class is a personal training session as Nano and Camilla make sure to give everyone the attention they deserve .

    The classes are fast paced and will challenge you. You’ll leave feeling tired but like you’ve achieved so much more than just your average workout. In the short time I’ve been going to Big King I can see my fitness level has improved a lot, I’m starting to tone, my Muay Thai skill set has grown so much, and I’ve made great friends along the way.

  7. Kickass

    I’ve practiced martial arts for many years, but always Chinese varieties. This was my first ever class of Muay Thai, and it was excellent. Nano is a very, very good teacher, who you can see really cares about his students. He takes his time explaining, making sure each and every student understands the technique and what is required of them. He pushes you, but doesn’t bully. He expects your best, but never goes too far.

    The actual class itself was 1.5 hours, with very little down-time. You’re always doing something, whether cardio, stretching, learning new attacks and counters or ‘free-touch’. The current members of the class all came across as friendly and welcoming, which is extremely important when joining a new class.

    In conclusion, no matter you have trained before or not, no matter your level of fitness or lack thereof, I highly recommend Big King BJJ and Muay Thai. Great people, great price, great classes.

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