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Upcoming events with Cultural Keys

January 13th – ‘How to prepare for Spring Festival’ presentation at INN
January 14th – ‘Spring Festival history and traditions’ presentation at British Club
January 24th – Spring Festival Eve Celebration
January 28th to Jan 31st – Kid’s Chinese Culture Camp
February 1st – Traditional Calligraphy Workshop
February 8th – Lantern Festival Celebration

Please contact us via WeChat or email for more information or to sign up.


About Cultural Keys Chinese Culture Centre

Interested in learning more about and experiencing the traditional culture of China?

Cultural Keys helps visitors and residents get more out of their time in China by providing unique and authentic cultural experiences, content and services all related to traditional Chinese culture.

At our tranquil culture centre in Xiaopu Village in Beijing’s Songzhuang Art District, as well as other convenient locations around the city, we can help you experience, understand and enjoy Chinese culture by offering both regularly scheduled events and VIP workshops in:

– Calligraphy
– Painting
– Beijing Opera
– Lion Dancing
– Kung fu

….And more!

We also offer services such as:

– Chinese culture presentations and lectures in English
– Cultural heritage tours
– Custom-made calligraphy for gifts, souvenirs and prizes
– Chinese art decoration services
– Team-building cultural activities

Whether you live in China, are just visiting, or are simply interested in learning more about this fascinating country, Cultural Keys can help!

Why Cultural Keys?

Founded in 2013, Cultural Keys is an expat-owned and operated company developed and run on the love and passion we have for traditional Chinese culture. We believe 100% in making the beauty, wisdom and traditions of Chinese culture available to everyone.

No matter what your reason for being interested in this country and its culture, whether at our culture centre, at your school or office, at iconic locations around China or on our website and social media channels, when you are with Cultural Keys you truly have the opportunity to unlock the potential of China!

Contact Cultural Keys Chinese Culture Centre

For more information on our events, both scheduled and private availability, visit our website or alternatively, contact us on WeChat or email and let us know how we can help you, your friends and family, staff, students or members explore Chinese culture!

We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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191, Xiaopu North Street, Xiaopu Village, Songzhuang, Tongzhou
Click-to-Chat ID:AJDonnelly
Click-to-Call +8618611558781

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