Plum Flower Boxing

Ancient Chinese Martial Art for Defense, Body & Mind
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The Plum Flower boxing is an ancient Chinese martial art which builds mental and physical strength, resistance and flexibility. Giuseppe has practiced martial arts over 25 years and has spent 15 years in China researching about this specific form. Join his classes and discover the philosophy and the powers of this rare practice which is named from the only flower able to blossom during winter.

– Weekly beginner training,

– Weekly class for children,

– Private traditional Chinese martial arts classes,

for Shunyi, Huairou and Changping areas. In Italian, Chinese, French and English.


2 reviews

  1. Giuseppe, a rare master!

    Before becoming a dancer, army and martial arts taught me how discipline and (hard) training are great to (re)shape and put yourself on track mentally and physically. Any daily practice would actually teach you this. Day by day, you are washing yourself off from toxins and emotional clutter, reveiling the natural beauty of your body and getting closer to the pure diamond of your soul.
    Martial art remains my first love forever! If you choose this path, choose well your guide!

  2. Very nice experience in Beijing

    When I met you, I’ve never train kung fu before. It was a beautiful experience. I’ll always remember our fabulous trainings and tea sessions after the lessons. I’ve had a great time with you and Caroline! Take care!

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Beijing CN
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Beijing. In the middle of Shunyi, Huairou and Changping
Saturday, 10am.
Click-to-Call Wechat ID: ma041982

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