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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is built on the foundation of over 2,500 years of Chinese medical practice. It incorporates herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage and other practical techniques of treating patients.

Expats in China, have the unique opportunity to learn from expert TCM doctors how they can apply TCM principles & practice to lead a healthier life and use more natural treatments for certain conditions.

This seminar is led by Dr. Zhao Qi, an associate chief physician at Dongzhien Hospital, the first clinical hospital of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). Dr. Zhao has practiced TCM for over 14 years and has treated over 100,000 patients. He is also the Dean of the International Cooperation Department of the hospital and was invited to give seminars for the German Embassy and the US Embassy.

This seminar series originated in March 2016 and only within the first year, 50 participants of over 20 embassies attended the lectures. All participants who successfully pass the final exam will be granted a Certificate issued by The International Cooperation Department of Dongzhimen Hospital.

Seminar Topics:

  1. The Basic Theory of TCM –Yin and Yang;Body constitutions—Normal, Yin deficiency, Yang deficiency
  2. The Basic Theory of TCM –Qi and meridians;Body constitutions—Qi deficiency, Qi depression, Blood stasis
  3. The Basic Theory of TCM –Concept of holism;Body constitutions—Phlegm-dampness, Damp-heat, Inherited special
  4. TCM practical Technique–Cupping
  5. TCM practical Technique–Moxibustion
  6. TCM practical Technique–Scraping
  7. TCM practical Technique–Self Massage
  8. TCM practical Technique–Baby Massage

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