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Complete Chinese language immersion. 24/7 Mandarin only!
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No English! Mandarin only!

You will live with a Chinese family (who does not speak English) and study 1on1 (no English speaking classmates) in Chengde (where nobody speaks English).

This is a complete immersion program where students speak, live, eat, dream and communicate in Mandarin only. If you are enjoy eating Mc Donalds, make international friends and use English to communicate, this program is not for you.

Chengde (not Chengdu!) is China’s ancient summer capital, located two hours Northeast of Beijing in the mountains just behind the Great Wall. This is where the Qing emperors went to spend their summers and built the magnificent Summer Palace. The city is today not only a UNESCO world heritage site, but also has no whatsoever expat community. There are no expat bars, no international restaurants and nobody to speak English with. This is the real China and a complete immersion experience where students speak only Mandarin and are fully immersed into Chinese culture.

While there is no better way to improve your Chinese quicker, this program is culturally challenging and if this is not for you, we would recommend a more traditional course at an LTL language school in Beijing or Shanghai.

For student’s who have never been to China, we recommend going to Chengde as a combination program, where you will spend the first part of your course in Beijing to settle into China and improve your Chinese and only afterwards move on to the complete immersion experience in Chengde.

Note: Full LTL support services to help you settle into Chengde, meet local friends, join a football team or whatever else you might be interested in are available of course. LTL staff in Chengde do speak English, but will not do so unless it is an emergency.

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