Cinema Therapy

Do you want to become aware of what happens with your physical body, your emotions and brain while watching films?

Do you feel like after so much shooting , killing, thinking you go home and you are left without any words and anyone who to share with?

Do you want to understand how malleable is your brain when stimulated visually and invited to invade a new world?

D&G has created this space for everyone who’s interested to learn more about themselves while engaged into this experience. Every Saturday from 6:30pm we have our cinema therapy night.

We start off with some drama games to connect with each other and influence the state that we’ll be in when watching the movie, then movie time followed by post discussion and reflections on what did we experience when watching this film. We want to use movies for educational purposes over just entertainment one.

Movies affect us powerfully because the synergistic impact of music, dialogue, lighting, camera angles and sound effects which create the film. They draw us into the viewing experience and help us :

•develop conscious awareness

•be entertained

•improves our imagination

•stimulates our senses

•release stress

•our imagination become inspirit

This Saturday Nov. 24th, we have a very special movie entitled “The outsiders” for our cinema therapy event. A lot of you probably have heard of this famous title that was adapted from the original book “The outsiders” written by the 16 year old S.E. Hinton. If you have never seen this movie…

Come see this movie. It will leave you with powerful messages and undeniable questions. Please see our poster for details and welcome to another D and G company event.

Remember that a large percentage of all ticket proceeds goes to our company B-corp mission of feeding the homeless to make other’s life just that much easier.

When: Saturday 6:30pm-9:30pm

Where: Inncube Sanlitun

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Saturday 6:30pm-9:30pm

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