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Tango Argentino training/choreography for all levels
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Beijing bilingual tango is the only professional tango teaching school that teaches in Chinese and English. At the moment, we offer (semi-) private coaching of argentine tango, tailor made training for tango lovers (all levels, from absolute beginners to intermediates) enthused to learn tango for all different purposes, whether its a short-term coaching/choreography for your wedding tango, or for newcomer’s quick passage into tango dancing, or for experienced students wishing to improve fast their tango, waltz, or milonga dancing fast and stable, BJBtango can always provide you a satisfying program.

CONTACT us for inquiry or making appointment. Below are photos of BJBTango past work–teacher show, group tango choreo,  choreo for wedding presentation, tango for kids drama, choreo of other dance forms… , musical training… 

Beijing Bilingual Tango

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  1. A must try!

    The Milonga class on Sunday afternoons is super fun and perfect for beginners. By the end of our very first class, the teacher had us dancing, and not only that, but really enjoying it and feeling like we knew what we were doing (even if only with the first few basic steps we’d learned!) There was plenty of time to experiment without being judged.

    Personally I find the milonga much more fun than the tango, because it’s simpler, easier and with a bit more tempo — I think of it as the party version of the tango! You don’t have to stay for the video etc., we were happily exhausted after an hour’s class and it was fine to leave at 4.

    I’ve had different tango teachers before and this is my favorite teacher so far. Both my husband and I thought he knows what he’s doing plus he’s really nice, mature, patient and knows how to make everyone feel comfortable.

    Come try the class! It’s just an hour on a Sunday, and in a buzzing area where you can walk to catch dinner afterwards. I don’t think you have to bring a dance partner, but if you can then why not 🙂

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