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Beijing Mindfulness Centre is dedicated to providing a safe and inspiring environment for learning and growth in your mindfulness journey.

You may have heard about mindfulness or are already a dedicated practitioner

You may be someone searching to better understand yourself

You could be a professional, a mother or a queer

An organization or a school

Our aim is to support you

2 reviews

  1. Exceptional

    Ok I can’t say I’m impartial, because I loved this place so much that I ended up working there! But for what it’s worth, I’ve worked with mindfulness all over the world and can honestly say that the teacher, Dalida, is easily the best I’ve ever come across: experienced, insightful, patient and fun. Check out the Mindful Mondays (7.30pm every Monday), and the Mindful Journey course.

  2. Wonderful place with great energy

    The first time I came visit the center was a year ago, the minute I entered the center, I felt immediately calm and quiet which was something I had been looking for. Getting to know the center more was a life-changing journey! Thank you so much for your(BMC) existence.

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