Beijing Salsa and Kizomba Dance Studio

Dance School for Salsa, Bachata , Kizomba , Brazilian Zouk
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Welcome to Beijing Salsa Club Dance Company !

Beijing Salsa Club is an International Dance Studio in Beijing, China.

Offers a place where can learn to dance, meet new people, have fun and feel comfortable.

We are dedicated to creating a relaxed, welcoming, friendly environment where you can share our passion for dance.

It is located in the heart of Central Business District of Chaoyang, Beijing China.

We specialize in making dancers out of everyday people who never would have thought that they could dance.

At Beijing Salsa Club we believe that the art of learning can only be accomplished by a well thought through basic learning program.

Therefore our dance courses are syllabus based / World Mastery Dance , and will guide you through every step of the way, step-by-step so you can progress in the easiest and most comprehensive way possible.Our unique and personalized approach of teaching caters to everyone from the absolute beginners who have never danced in their lives to the experienced dancers looking to polish off their moves.We offer the Best instruction and workshops provided by some of the most well known and accomplished social dancers on the scene today.

Our studio will provide you with everything whether or not your goal is simply to learn to dance, meet new people, be on stage and perform for audiences or perhaps all of the above; Beijing Salsa Club is the place for you.We welcome everyone and provide a fun family like atmosphere in a very reasonable price.

Salsa On 1 (LA Style ) & On 2 (New York Style) ,  Bachata , Kizomba, Brazilian Zouk , etc Plus Ladies Styling Class,  Performance Class you can have all of these in one dance studio at Beijing Salsa Club Dance Studio!

  • Professional Dance Studio with wide, wooden dance floor, pro audio equiments
  • International Dance Teachers & Club Members
  • Ideal for Couple who want to spend time together, for single people who look for companion & friendship…

For more info about Beijing Salsa Club Dance Studio :

Contact us : English ( Call or Wechat )

(86) 138 10657749  OR  (86)135 22120478

Beijing Salsa Club Address: B1-18  / 22 International Art Plaza, Pingod Community North, No.32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang , Beijing

北京Salsa俱乐部地址:北京市朝阳区百子湾路32号苹果社区北区 ,北京二十二院街艺术区商业街-B1-18北京Salsa舞蹈俱乐部教师

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