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Unlike a traditional gym, BetaMe offers exclusively personal training, pairing customers with a trainer who will work out a program to help reach customized fitness goals.

As founder Leon Chen puts it, BetaMe is staffed by “fitness experts who deliver immersive and individualized training programs focused on rapid and sustained body transformation”. All of the trainers speak English and have many years of experience, either internationally or at other top gyms in Beijing.

BetaMe’s flagship program runs for 12 months with two to four one-on-one sessions a week. In order to encourage customers to commit, BetaMe collects a deposit at the start of the program, similar to a housing contract. Sessions last around 30-40 minutes, but working one-on-one means there is nowhere to hide or take a break like there is in a group class – basically, customers are working for every one of the 30 minutes. The coach modifies every program based on the customers’ fitness level and goals. Another aspect is that coaches encourage customers to set short and long-term goals that are both physical and functional. As an example, a customer’s short-term functional goal might be to do 10 full pull-ups while the long-term physical goal might be to lose a certain percentage of weight or body fat. Hitting the functional goals makes it much easier to press on and meet the long-term goals.

In addition to the gym, BetaMe’s facility includes sauna, male and female showers, an assessment room, a yoga room and a massage chair. After workout we offer customers to grab a protein shake in the lounge area, with great views out over China World Mall and the CCTV tower.

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  1. Unethical practices

    I signed up for a personal transformation package with Leon, the owner of BetaMe, in March 2019. When you sign up, you’re asked to pay a deposit of RMB 4000, which is supposedly fully refundable at the end of the period that you sign up for (if you choose to discontinue thereafter). It is used as an incentive to motivate people to keep training. The contract also has clauses which ask you to confirm that you are in good health to commence the training program.

    The program itself was great and my trainer was fantastic but about 4 months later in July, during a routine health check, a tumour was detected on my kidney, which required me to undergo further testing and review. Since my partner lived in Singapore, I had decided to relocate and continue any further treatment there. I had been very honest with Leon about this (which, to be clear, did NOT exist when I initially signed up for the program) and asked if I could get my refund since I’d be leaving Beijing at the end of July. He agreed but asked for a month’s time because he was struggling to pay rent for the premises. Since I would no longer have access to my Chinese bank account, he promised to refund me on paypal.

    In hindsight, I should not have agreed, but I did because I had a lot on my mind at that time. A month later when I followed up with him about the refund, he flatly refused saying that I had not completed my training program so I was not entitled to a refund. Also that I had signed a waiver saying I was in good health so, in short, it wasn’t his problem that I had grown a tumour. He would only be obligated to refund the deposit if I transferred my membership to a friend and he/she completed the remainder of my program. This was never mentioned to me before and, in fact, according to the contract signed, there is an additional fee for transfer of membership.

    Needless to say, I am thoroughly disgusted with Leon’s practices. I find them both immoral and unethical. I have mentioned this to my friends in Beijing and sent this message along in a few wechat groups that I’m a part of too. I want others to avoid having a similar experience and spare themselves the headache of shady dealings.

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