CaiCiFang Antique Porcelain Shards Workshops

Historical porcelain recycle for antique shards
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All of CaiCiFang’s jewelry is designed using fragments of Chinese porcelain. The brand goal and that of its associates is to share some of the history and tradition of Chinese culture through their collections. The surprising creations are made by incising, moulding, carving and polishing the porcelain by hand, to produce cufflinks, bracelets, rings, pendants, hairpins, earrings, brooches, belts, bookmarks and even purses. Our team is enthusiastic about our work and likes to show off our masterpieces, such as the unique monumental bust of a woman composed exclusively with porcelain fragments skillfully joined together with wire.

Antique Porcelain Shards Workshops:

You are welcome to join us and get different experience. Learn the history of Chinese ancient porcelain through an introductory presentation. Then, create an unique pendant for yourself under the guidance of our staff.

Workshops: Last Friday of the Month 2pm – 3pm

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