Chinese Ink Painting Workshop & Calligraphy

Chinese painting, calligraphy
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Let us paint with no rush

Feel the rhythm of the waving brush

Between paper and the palette

Quietly watch lines and colors blur

The moment is soliloquy

Mind, body, soul combined

Silent and pure

Enjoy and delight in the ink

SuRen Ink Workshop

SuRen believes that besides appreciating the beauty of Calligraphy and Chinese Ink Painting, people can feel at peace and harmony with their inner self. This process of Calligraphy and Ink Painting is more about self-exploration and energy cultivation through the Chinese Brush. People have benefitted a lot from learning and practicing Calligraphy and Ink Painting. SuRen believes, everyone can write Calligraphy, and do Ink Painting. She welcomes everyone and she would love to continue sharing with people throughout the world.

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