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Cultural awareness is key to thriving as an expat. It gives you the tools to successfully function in a new environment and to communicate effectively with locals, make some new friends and unforgettable memories.

After discussing these topics with many expat coaches, psychologists, expats who have been through it and, of course, reflecting on our personal experiences… The idea for this program was born as a way to alleviate the “new beginning” challenges, the culture shock effect and help you get a “softer landing”, smoother cultural transition – to help YOU get a head start and make the most of YOUR expat experience.

Throughout the program you will:

  • Learn ways to effectively manage cross-cultural transition;
  • Experience local culture hands on to get understanding of your new home, its people, its values, its worldview and how to communicate along those lines;
  • Alleviate the effects of Culture Shock through preparation and interaction;
  • Gather tools to use that new knowledge to grow personally and professionally;
  • Ask questions and discuss in a small group where your teachers are locals and/or seasoned expats who will share their own experience;
  • Have fun and meet some new friends!
November 2020

China: Cultural Immersion Program
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