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Ready to take your HSK to the next level? Prepare for your HSK exam with Culture Yard!

We’ve been running language programs in Beijing since 2009 and our students so far have a 100% HSK pass rate.

All of our classes are held live online via Zoom. You will study in a small group with other serious students in a fast-paced, challenging environment–all without ever leaving the comfort of your couch!

Miss a class? Don’t worry–we can record the class and send you the recording later.

BONUS: during COVID-19, all our HSK group classes are just 50RMB ($7USD)/hour.

We are more than the HSK! If you are looking for something else, check out our other offerings:

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Culture Yard is a Chinese language school based in the traditional hutong alleyways of Beijing. We are an international team of language experts passionate about Chinese learning and education. Our goal is to create a high-quality platform for serious language learners worldwide to master the Chinese language and culture.

5 reviews

  1. 很好的学校!Thank you for my Chinese.

    I love the Culture Yard. It has such a laid back energy and seriously talented teachers. Ive been in China for soooo long (almost 10 years) and have studied at heaps of different schools. This is the best. It’s location is super cute typical China, the type of place you’d see on a Beijing post card. The prices are reasonable and fair. Honestly, if you are thinking about taking a Chinese program, this is the place to do it. 🙂

  2. The way to learn Chinese

    I went to Culture yard for around 3 month so can’t speak Chinese (yet) but learned to chat, haggale (as you know very important in China) and get around.

    Having the possibility to choose a flexibale schedule at Culture yard was ideal as I was also travling around China and coming back to Beijing all the time. So I could go travel for a week and come back to countinue where I left and also discuss my travels and the things I learned so it made the classes more fun and personal. Also I could see my improvment every time I went on a trip.

    The school is conviniently located in the heart of the hutongs in a beautiful yard, atmosphere is great and people are nice so it is also good to get to meet fun and new people. The teachers are all Chinese and have a great deal of expriance, kind and very very patient – they will keep correcting your tones till you pass out.

    Besides being a great school the main plus for me was the flexibale schedule – praivte and group lessones, morning or evening, 1-6 days a week as much as you can handle, take a week off come back – all works…

    And of course the amazing Ilya.

    Hope to come back to China soon and countinue my studies.

  3. Fun Classes, Supportive Environment

    I took classes at Culture Yard during 2016-2017. Teachers were helpful and supportive and we learned the essentials for day-to-day interactions. Positive experience!

  4. Proper language school

    I studied at Culture Yard for several years on and off, group and private classes and reached about HSK4 level. I learned a lot of practical Chinese and it allowed me to get nice jobs and eventually to open my own company in BJ.

    I liked a lot of aspects of this school, the location is very convenient and the fact its located in traditional courtyard at the hutong adds a lot. The teaching staff is very experienced and caring. Office team is nice as well, having a positive attitude and always willing to help. There is free tea and coffee as well so I had almost home feeling over there.

  5. Professional teachers, cozy atmosphere

    I have studied at Culture Yard for several years now. The school is located in the center of Beijing near a subway. The building is a traditional hutong which makes it a real China experience.

    The teachers are great. Patient, interacting a lot and you can tell they have plenty of experience. The groups are small which gives a lot of room for practicing speaking Chinese. I started with HSK0 and will soon do HSK5. Thanks to Culture Yard!

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