ESA Sunday Squash Funday

ESA Sunday Squash Funday
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Elite Squash Academy Squash Sunday Funday

Looking for a new weekend activity?

Try SQUASH with Elite Squash Academy at Lido Country Club!

Squash Sunday Funday is excellent for:

  • curing weekend hangovers
  • re-energizing for a following week
  • meeting new friends
  • catching up with squash mates
  • learning new squash tricks
  • practicing squash
  • being better than your yesterday’s self.

Players of all levels are welcome to join and have a fun Sunday morning.

Every Sunday, 10am to 1pm.

Sign-up is required in advance.

See you on the courts at Lido Country Club Squash Courts!


Elite Squash Academy

Elite Squash Academy (ESA) is dedicated to promoting squash, sportsmanship spirit and healthy lifestyle. ESA organizes squash lessons, regular and special squash activities, as well as regular recreational squash gatherings.

Squash Lessons Details

Private squash lessons and courses are organized for children and adults, ranging from beginner’s level to advanced level.

Lessons are run by internationally certified coaches with rich squash playing and coaching experience. Lessons are held in English or Chinese.

Athletes can sign-up for individual or group lessons (4 players maximum per group).

Squash Courses:

ESA offers following Squash Courses:

FUNdamentals: for athletes with no or little  squash experience.
Acquisition: for athletes who have grasped the fundamentals of squash.
LTDA (Long-Term Development Athlete): for players who wish to engage in long-term development of squash skills.
Family Squash: for family members who wish to spend time together playing squash, learning a new hobby and having fun.
Lunch-Break Squash: for athletes interested in spending their lunch-break in playing squash (available from Monday to Friday between 12pm to 2pm).

Schedule and Venue:

Lessons are scheduled per appointment. One standard lesson lasts for one hour.

Lessons are held at:

  • Lido Country Club Squash Courts, No. 6, Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang, Beijing.
    • Address in Chinese: 丽都乡村壁球馆,北京市朝阳区将台路6号
  • China World Hotel Fitness Center Squash Courts, B2, No. 1, Jian’guomen Avenue, Chaoyang, Beijing
    • Address in Chinese: 中国大饭店健身中心壁球馆B2层,北京市朝阳区建国门外大街1号

Squash Equipment

Athletes are advised to bring their sports outfit and sportswear (non-marking sole shoes) to lessons. Changing rooms and shower facilities are available at the venue.

If you do not own a squash racket and ball, a training racket and squash ball will be provided by ESA.

Athletes are strongly advised to wear protective goggles (eyeguards) at all times while on the squash court.

Court Behavior and Safety:

If you have any existing medical condition that might be affected by playing squash, please inform the coach prior to lesson.

Please play attention to your personal safety and the safety of others while at the venue and on the squash court. Please follow coach’s instructions at all times while on the squash court. If you have any questions prior to, during or after the lesson, please feel free to ask.

Please, do not enter the squash court while it is occupied without prior announcement by knocking on the glass door. No food or drinks are allowed on the squash court.

Athletes are advised to play fair in sportsmanship spirit and to respect other athletes, Hilton Hotel Fitness Center staff, rules and regulations and ESA staff.

Sign-up and Inquiry Details via WeChat or Phone.

Keep fit and play squash! See you on the squash court!

Elite Squash Academy

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