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Professional photographer based in Beijing, China. I specialize in street photography, photojournalism and portraits. Got pictures published in magazines such as  National Geographic and Inspired Eye . One thing I really like is to share my knowledge of photography. I have been a teacher with for a number of years now and I am a photography teacher in a high school in Beijing.

Hope you can join me for my workshops in China.

Here is a special activity for photographer organized by Beijing Photography Workshops

Come to the sea!
Seaside  photography
Aranya: 2 days and 1 night

Everyone who has visited Aranya has lost himself in this beautiful beach.
The gold Coast, where Aranya is located, is one of China’s eight most beautiful coasts, according to China National Geographic magazine. The sandy beach is known as “the kiss of the desert and the sea”.
Compared with other places, this beach is more like a work of art created after a high degree of unity between natural beauty and humanity. Due to the lack of proper human care, nature presents a more cordial, perfect, quiet and neat appearance.

Na is going to accompany you on this 2 days where you will be able to do some photos and enjoy the seaside.

About the trip:
June 18
Meet at 5:30 am
Subway: Happy Valley Subway Exit B

It will takes about 4 hours by car and we will arrives at the destination at around 9:30
Check-in, rest for 1 hour, then sightseeing around.
Wandering at night

June 19

Early wake up for the sunrise
We will leave Aranya at around 3:00 p.m


3100 RMB each person ( lunch and dinner not included)
prices are subject to change depending of availability of hotel

Contact Na
Wechat: 13552493263



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