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About me – Yiyang

I first completed my Certificate in Ashtanga Vinyasa through Divine Yoga Society in China, my journey then led me to undertake comprehensive training India, where I completed up to 1200 hours of training in yoga anatomy and physiology, yogic lifestyle, Children’s Yoga and Pre and Post Natal Yoga.

I understand the importance of positive body alignment. After years of experiencing a dull pain in my back, I discovered that suffered from scoliosis and thus, my journey with yoga began and I am happy to guide you in your journey to positive body, breath and mind alignment.

Humble Yoga class for adults & kids

HomeYoga studio location: Dongzhimen nei.

Classroom capacity: maximum 4 students.

First trial class: RMB 100. Only for new comer, to be used only once. Please book and pay anytime before the class day.

Drop-in a class: RMB 150. Please book and pay anytime before the class starts.


5-class pass: RMB 600 (valid for 6 weeks)

10-class pass: RMB 1100 (valid for 10 weeks)

20-class pass: RMB 2000 (valid for 20 weeks)

Yoga is all about progress, it is a holistic science, it is both physical and mind. Therefore we heartily encourage everyone to continuously come and practice yoga at least once a week. It will be a big step towards to your self commitment and self discipline, and it will also allow you to learn in a comprehensive and systematicway – a foundation of self practice and self awareness will gradually be built.

It also allows me to understand each individual student better, and suggestions and advice on an individual’s yoga practice can be given more precisely.

Add Yiyang, Wechat ID: yi—-yang, or phone number 18610049568 to book your class or for any further questions.


11 reviews

  1. Find some harmony and balance in Beijing's bustle

    I warmly recommend yoga classes with Yiyang. This is my best yoga experience so far, Yiyang is an amazing teacher, very attentive to each of the students, the small number of students creates an atmosphere of confidence where you can follow your own pace and never feel under pressure. Yiyang’s classes help to relax and give you the opportunity to take some time for yourself, to listen to your body and being more aware of it in order to find more inner balance. After a day of work in a city like Beijing, it really helps to release all the stress and pressure accumulated and you leave the class happier and more peaceful. And Yiyang speaks very good English, which is very helpful too!

  2. very small group

    I practise yoga with Yiyang for one year now. Each course includes maximum 4 people, which make the lesson very private, so she can follow and adjust each of us very closely.
    I meet regularly the same people, there is a sens of small community helping each other, and progressing together.

  3. My best yoga experience!

    I am very glad that i found Home Yoga! After a long day siiting in the office, practicing yoga with Yiyang is a truely gift to your body and mind.

    Yiyang pays attention on each student’s softness of their bodies, and guides them differently with same results.

    I’d love to continue practicing yoga with Yiyang at her cozy studio.

  4. Best experience

    Home Yoga is the best experience for those approaching yoga as well as for the experienced ones. Yiyang takes care of every single detail and can even understand how a stick like me can improve, which is almost impossible. And then I feel relaxed just hearing her talking

  5. I have had several one-on-one yoga sessions with Yiyang and I highly recommend her. She is very warm and helps you feel relaxed and confident in your skills, no matter your level of experience. This is because she focuses on your strengths, while also addressing some areas that need improvement. She is well read and well practiced–thus her knowledge and training of yoga practices are clearly proven during her classes.

    Yiyang also teaches my daughter and some of her friends (all under three years old). My daughter often demonstrates the positions (with ease!) on her own. This is because her children’s yoga lessons are very playful and imitates a variety of jungle animal movements and noises, which excites and motivates young children to practice.

  6. Mind & body discipline through Ashtanga yoga

    Before joining Yiyang’s class, I used to practice yoga at home only following online vinyasa videos (with no proper alignments). Yiyang’s classes were my first introduction to ashtanga yoga, which the mind & body discipline was much needed to me on a personal level. She really helped me improve my asanas, control my breath, as well as exploring my body with deep muscle stretches. During our practices, she well connects with her students, knows what each one of us is capable of and gives proper modifications/challenges accordingly. Off mat times, she keeps
    encouraging us with motivational and informative messages or meditation audios. Yiyang is a very patient and skillful yoga teacher who speaks perfect english. Highly recommended!!!

  7. Authentic and personal

    Yoga classes with Yiyang are awesome. Cozy home setting, small groups. Yiyang really tries to understand your individual needs and tailors the class around them. She guides gently without breaking the flow. 赞!

  8. Excellent yoga courses!

    Before I started classes with Yiyang, I saw yoga as only a form of exercise. And yes, I do think that I’m stronger and more flexible after my classes at HomeYoga, but I have also begun to learn how to cultivate a sense of inner balance and peace. I definitely feel simultaneously stronger and relaxed after every class. I also love going to Yiyang’s classes because there’s a strong sense of community among her students and a real sense of support. I look forward to going every week!

  9. Yoga is good, yoga with Yiyang is special!

    Yiyang has a special gift for yoga. She is very knowledgeable, humble and she knows how to motivate people to practice yoga happily and safely. Classes are thought with maximum 4 people, so she can focus on all students. She is always happy to answer my doubts and give me suggestions after class. Her cozy studio is also a plus! Highly recommend!

  10. Far from being a mere gymnastic

    I started practicing Ashtanga Yoga with Yiyang by chance, at the beginning I had no particular expectations, I was simply curious… and my curiosity has been rewarded in the best possible way! Yiyang helped me understand that yoga is neither a sport, nor a performance, but an intense and deep training that leads the practitioner to learn how to listen to his/her own body and mind and also to cultivate self-love. I’ve discovered new inner energies and abilities since I became her student. Highly recommended!
    “Yoga is not about being good at something, it is about being good to yourself!”

  11. Very Good Teacher, Skilled and Patient

    Yiyang is my first Yoga teacher. Before taking her class I have never practiced yoga, nor did I have basic understanding about it. She introduced yoga to me and I fell in love with it. She is very skilled, patient, and speaks very good English. I recommend her class.

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