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The art of Chinese Calligraphy was the means by which scholars could mark their thoughts and teachings for immortality, as such, it is one of the Four Arts of the Chinese Scholars.

Practice makes better and better… Chinese calligraphy practice is good for health, tranquility, family harmony, wisdom and even your heart.

We, The Hutong Calligraphy team of artists, pride ourselves in maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each guests with care and consideration.

We have 4 classes each day.  If you just came from America. Canada, Brazil..etc. You may have flight jet lag.  I would recommend you book the sunrise class.

The Hutong Calligraphy  Class teachers have worked on the calligraphy tours for over 2 years. There are 3 professors and 2 teachers for calligraphy lessons and water color art tour. We received over 500 students already. We pride ourselves in maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each guests with care and consideration.  The Hutong Calligraphy locate in the downtown of Beijing , the Wangfujing area.  After the class you can easily walk to Forbidden city, Tiananmen square..the major scenic spot.

Book a class today for a’ perfect ‘culture experience!  We await you!

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  1. I like this Chinese Calligraphy

    Amazing experience I had with Richard, he has rich experience to teach Chinese Calligraphy especially foreigners who don’t know Chinese well. I learned how to use ink and brush really basic skill but really useful. It was fun. I like it. Thank you!

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