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Two professional Taekwondo coaches came all the way from Iran with the aim of preparing young individuals with passion for Taekwondo. Their main objectives are:
 To carry forward the spirit of taekwondo
 To strengthen the cultivation of martial arts for the purpose learning etiquette
 Use competitive confrontation as the foundation
 To improve the comprehensive quality and practical ability of Taekwondo as the core
The two brothers studied Taekwondo for 20 years. After studying for two years (pursuing a PhD degree) in China and becoming familiar with Chinese lifestyle, they decided to expand their skills, and promote the spirit of Taekwondo, to help Chinese children and Taekwondo lovers to further their love for the sport and help them win Olympic medals in the future. Although both are very fluent in Chinese still the medium of instruction for Taekwondo would be bilingual (Chinese and English) which can help children improve their English side by side.

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