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LTL Mandarin School is located in the heart of Beijing’s Central Business District and comes with a 55sm roof top on the 30th floor with amazing views of the city. The school is specialized in immersion courses and accommodation is either with a Chinese homestay family or in a shared apartment, classes are small (average of 3, max. of 6 students per class) and all teacher are certified Chinese language instructors.

The school also arranges frequent social activities, weekend trips, school dinners etc. and has a bit of a “family” feeling.

As a government accredited Chinese language school, LTL can issue student visa invitations for all it`s full time students

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  1. It is not just Chinese, they also give you tips how to survive in China!

    There are two things that I really enjoyed at this school:
    1. The flexibility of the classes. If the class starts late or earlier, it’s the choice of the group. Even during the Holidays, the classmates together can decide whether or not to have class.
    2. They not only have a person in charge of cultural activities, excursions, dinners, etc., but also no matter what kind of beginner’s question about surviving in China you ask, they are willing to help you. (e.g. How to order food, how to go from A to B, etc.).
    If it is your first time in China and you would like to be in touch with foreigners, this is the place.
    The classes are in English.

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