Ms. Uptown Health & Fitness

Boutique women's only gym - yoga, dance and functional training
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MS. UPTOWN is a women’s only fitness studio. The studio offers an open gym and classes tailored to the needs of female. Membership at our gym allows you unlimited access to our open gym area and classes:

Dancing (Hip Hop, Jazz, Urban, Chair Dance, Zumba, Salsa)

Get that toned dancer’s body with these fun yet effective workout classes.

What is SALSATION® ?

Salsation® is a fun and addictive dance fitness program based on functional training with a very strong focus on musicality and lyrical expression. No prior dance experience required.

This pioneering program converts functional training protocols into innovative dance moves, ensuring the body moves in a natural and healthy way.    Movements are controlled and very grounded making it safe and gentle on the joints and fun for everyone!

Why do we call it SALSATION®?

SALSATION® is a mix of the words salsa (hot spicy sauce) and sensation. Salsa, as in the mix of different rhythms, cultures, dances and fitness protocols. Sensation is the feeling you get from the program’s strong focus on musicality, lyrical expression and feel good effects from the functional training on your body.

Energetic Yoga

With upbeat music, our energetic yoga sessions allows you to connect your breath with your movement and to refresh your mind. Allowing you to be stronger in mind and body.

Functional Training and Bootcamp

Exclusive kick-your-butt workout. You will leave in sweat, yet with a proud smile.


Open Gym Area

Our studio is equipped with cardio and weights area, as well as a functional training area to balance out your overall fitness program.

Creating a fun, upbeat and safe environment ideal for females to simply be comfortable in their skin while they work out. Our fitness classes are sensorial and personal, guaranteed to rock your mind and body! No prior experience required, just show up and we’ll take it from there.
Studio and Lounge

Located in front of the water fountain garden at Galaxy SOHO, our artistic studio combines rustic with contemporary, which creates a unique space for you to workout, hangout and to simply be you! The studio lounge is available for you to rest, chitchat and to enjoy our various juices, coffee and healthy snacks.

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