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At NB8 Taekwondo we build, healthy, happy, and successful leaders! Even young children, can benefit from having more confidence, greater strength and improved self-control. Whether your children are pre-school or making the transition to high school, there are numerous benefits to enrolling them in exciting, fun, Taekwondo (Martial Arts) classes.

Master Bruno’s Former World Class Champion and Former Pre-selected for the Olympics 2000 and 2004. World cup WINNER in 2007, European CHAMPION in 2004 and 6 times French ELITE Champion.
He studied Taekwondo for 20 years around the world (35 countries). He taught classes in France, USA (3 years) and now in Beijing. He also conducted seminar in Brazil, Colombia, Croatia and so on… His dedication for Taekwondo has made him an inescapable instructor.

Tiny Tigers – Program (3 – 5 years)
For many tigers, this is their first experience in a class setting. During classes, in addition to learning basic taekwondo blocks, kicks and punches, Tigers are learning and developing their listening, self-control, self confidence, and social skills. As Tigers work through the Tiny Tiger Color Belts, they will learn rules and the 5 Taekwondo Family Codes, which includes, “Tell the Truth”? Additionally, rules of your Tiger’s home and school/daycare are reinforced.

Tiny Tiger program(Taekwondo for kids) are up-beat and high-energy, accompanied with positive reinforcement. At the end of some classes, Tigers are engaged in a group game, such as Spider Ball. At the end of every regular class, a few Tigers are called out by the Instructor to receive recognition for doing a good job in class so they will receive tape on their belt to encouraged good behavior and good spirit.

Juniors – Program (6 – 13 years)
For students up to age 12, we emphasize the development of the whole person, not just teaching punching and kicking skills. Our training is integrated and builds on the same principles that parents instill in their children. Juniors are taught to respect their parents, siblings and teachers and to value their school work.

Juniors receive encouragement for their efforts and progress. As juniors regularly train, they build their stamina, refine skills, learn new techniques, and further develop their self control and self confidence developing vital life skills, which help them, succeed at home and at school.


NB8 Sanlitun Sth Area Shangdu SOHO 3rd Floor, No.2359, Dongdaqiao Street #8, Chaoyang District, SOHO 尚都 朝阳区东大桥路8号 院3号楼3层2359室

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