The Nomad Choice

Coaching For Expats

Moving or living in a city that is not our hometown is both exciting and challenging. Sometimes these challenges can get on your way to get the most of your experience abroad.

I support expats in their private and professional life to make their journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Psychologist and Coach by profession, Nomad by choice. The Nomad Choice grew out of my own experience of moving over and over to different cities around the world. In each move, I had challenges and countless unforeseen events that I never could have imagined. At the same time, with each move and new city, I met amazing people, learned from a different culture and enjoyed the journey.

Each time I had to reinvented myself professionally and I developed resources to support my family in these transitions.

This choice of life lead me to reflect on my own tribe, dive into intercultural studies and specialize myself in expats related topics and how to support expats in their transitions.

Let’s walk together the path of your fulfilled life abroad.

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