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I have personally worked with everyday office workers, diplomats with busy schedules, soldiers, body building competitors, female bikini model category competitors and high profile actors/models in Beijing for over 8 years.

Our private studio is located close to Lido area.

We design exercise and nutrition  programs specific to the individual, this is modified on a daily/weekly/monthly basis in order to achieve an efficient and targeted result.

If you are looking for effective change, challenging training, getting in the best shape you’ve ever had – through discipline and focus we will work to discover your physical potential.

The major question when seeking a coach is, ‘how to choose the right trainer?’

Answer: Simple, ask them complex and complicated questions. See if they are able to answer all of your questions confidently and correctly. Evaluate if they genuinely care about your results and your concerns. This is what I did when I was young and searching for the appropriate methods.

If you’re one of my clients/athletes, you’re on my team. I’m invested in your success and I want you to succeed. My personal identity as a professional depends upon it.

If you’re looking for a complete training solution, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yours in strength and seeking a finer body composition/improved lifestyle,


Director of Troys Team

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