Pottery & Painting Workshops at Fangjia Hutong

MaJiang Art Pottery & Painting Workshops
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MaJiang STUDIO is located at No. 12, Fangjia Hutong, founded by two designers. Private design studio is dedicated to the protection of traditional Chinese culture. The opening up projects include:

Pottery making



The purpose is to inherit and develop traditional handicrafts. Guests can make an appointment every day. There is no limit to time. There are teachers in ceramic art, painting, paper cutting training teaching. In each project, we offer Chinese traditional craft snacks, red wine and sparkling wine from Chile, Spain and Italy. Tea is from different parts of China: Anxi Tieguanyin, worth up to 50 yuan and 4 grams. We leave the guests endless time to enjoy the pottery and art. Let the guests concentrate on creating and completing their most satisfying works in the sense of abundance and joy.

Our pottery have different price:

  • 1 person – 189/person
  • 2 people –  174/person
  • 3 people – 165/person
  • 4 people – 158/person

NEW RULE: If you come here with one of your friends and find already two people making pottery or drawing pictures. YOU GET DISCOUNTED PRICE AS 4 people :158/person. Another example:  if you come here just by yourself, but you find already 4 people making pottery, we give you discounted price as 5 people: 158/person. AND IF THERE ARE MORE THAN SEVEN PEOPLE AT THE WORKSHOP,  EVERYONE WILL RECEIVE : 8 GRAMS OF ANXI TIEGUANYIN TEA WORTH 100 YUAN

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