Red Door Chinese and Kungfu School (Tiananmen)

Red Door Chinese and Kungfu School
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Red Door Chinese and Kungfu School courses:

Chinese language courses:

Online Chinese classes can be offered apart from face to face classes
1. Spoken Chinese course
2. HSK course

Singing lesson:
Learn Chinese by singing classes

All teachers of our school have been teaching Chinese language over 10 years and certified for teaching international Chinese language.

Chinese Kungfu/Taijiquan main courses:
1. Chinese boxing
2. Taijiquan
3. Longevity Qigong

Learn Kungfu with Master Toma

Master Toma, the head coach of Red Door Chinese and Kungfu School, a genuine native of Beijing, he is an esteemed member of the Chinese Martial Arts Association. He is the direct lineage successor of Da Cheng boxing and Bagua, the authentic inheritor of Taijiquan. He mainly teaches Chinese traditional martial arts for self defense, for healthy mind and body and curing some diseases.


1. Tian’anmen east station, line1 (Just next to the exit)

2. Chongwenmen station, line 5/line2 (Near the exit)

3. Shuanghe station, line7(Just next to the exit)

4. By appointment: teachers can come to students’ place for classes

5. Online classes can be offered

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