Sip & Dip Natural Lotus Leafs Painting Workshop

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Through the introduction of canvases with handpicked and specially treated natural lotus leaves on the front, colors come alive as they are pulled within the very veins of the leaves, giving a depth and richness that only a master could achieve. All you need is a good eye to select elegant colors to incorporate into the canvas. As a bonus, an assortment of quality wine, coffee and tea will also be provided during the workshop.

You will discover the artist in you and also obtain a sense of accomplishment, while at the same time having a great bonding experience with friends, coworkers and potential clients. No other workshop in the world has this kind of allure, so come join the fun and enjoy a place where craftsmanship, quality and beauty come together resulting in a wonderful life-changing adventure!

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  1. Relaxing and fun event!

    If you want to have some art in your life but afraid that you’re not artsy enough, then this is an event for you. Not only will Martha guide you, it’s really very simple and is in a fun environment as you’ll be painting over glasses of wine (soft drinks available too).

    Bring your friends along or come and meet new ones. I’ve joined it a few times and always a pleasure meeting new people and taking home a piece.

    Also a great and unique gift idea for a friend – either you guys can go together or just send him/her over.

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