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SuzyYogaRoom is opened and  held by Sue who has been teaching yoga for 15 years. It offers Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Prenatal and Postnatal classes, and all level is designed for yogis who love yoga. Located by Sanlitun, it is in the Workers’ Stadium with beautiful environment and nice space & sound facilities. And if you want to be an yoga instructor, it will be a good choice to choose us. Sue is an Yoga Alliance E-RYT Yoga Trainer, Instructor & Practitioner. She has done so many trainings.

About Sue:

Sue (ZiYue), a Yoga Alliance E-RYT Yoga Trainer, Instructor & Practitioner, has dedicated herself to and lived a wide-range of Yoga for over 10 years. Sue teaches bi-lingual in both Mandarin-Chinese and English. Sue has devoted herself to an ongoing study of a variety of ancient healing methods for promoting internal and external balance, including: Ayurveda, Pranayama, acupuncture, Martial Arts-Qigong (6th Generation Bagua), Chinese meridians, Tibetan medicine and spiritual studies. Sue aims to bring her knowledge gained as well as a natural, loving attitude into her yoga practice and in all aspects of her daily life.

Sue’s yoga teaching practice began over a decade ago emphasizing the union of the body and the spirit. Sue’s teaching encourages students to explore the qualities of external growth and internal stillness, with a practice that is both physically active and internally/energetically calm. Sue believes that true balance in life comes from within the heart.

Sue began teaching pre-natal yoga classes to new and expecting mothers in 2007. The birth of her daughter, Mena, in 2009 spurned Sue’s interest in women’s health and has been on-growing: Pre-Natal and Post-Natal periods, Infant Development and Women’s Health at Mid-Life & Beyond.

Sue is sincerely grateful for her teachers: O.P.Tiwari,Hatha A. G. Mohan,Hatha Indra Mohan for their inspiration and influence. A special thanks goes out to Matthew Cohen, Max Strom, Sarah Powers, Sherry Brourman, and Donna Farhi for their inspirational teaching and spirit that Sue was fortunate to have experienced as a teaching assistant over the years. Extra special thank you’s to Yoga Yard founders Robyn Wexler & Mimi Kuo-Deemer, for on-going support and guidance. And a deep gratitude for The Students; because of their love & support, Sue continues to explore, learn & grow on this spiritual path.

Sue teaches in both Chinese and English.

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