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Lindy Hop, Charleston, and more... Swinging in Beijing
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Join us every Monday night for a beginners’ level swing dance class that focuses on Lindy Hop and Charleston.

This lively American dance began in Harlem in the 1920’s and has received renewed interest in recent years, especially in Los Angeles, California and even here in Beijing.

Beginner’s Level One

In this class we will focus on basics of both styles with a moderate repertoire of moves for both dances. Partner is optional as we rotate leaders frequently. Add me on WeChat FrankMonday 13521555296 or QQ 364259551 Beginner’s Level One. Learn your basics! All great dancing begins with proper footwork. Make sure you consistently practice the core of 8-count Lindy.

“Rock step, triple step, step step, triple step.”

Even before stepping foot in a Lindy Hop Swing dance class you can begin by reciting this simple formula to excellent footwork. In the first cycle we teach a few basic moves to get the student dancing right away. It is important to keep in mind that these moves are relatively simple to learn, yet to execute them properly does require consistent practice. Many students in a rush to develop an extensive repertoire of moves will often forego the necessary time to develop their basics and lay a solid foundation.

Cycle two introduces the basics of Lindy Charleston with a fair amount of variations.

The third session we add to our Lindy moves with more transitions from open to closed postions, and utilizing more of the floor.

In the fourth cycle we focus on the “Swing Out” which is the core move of the Lindy Hop style of Swing dancing.

By the fifth session, students are ready for more advanced moves.

The sixth is for flash and flare where students focus more on styling and adding variety to the moves they already know.

Intermediate Level

Intermediate level classes are available. In these classes the more serious minded student will have access to advanced moves and routines as well as laying the foundation for Aerials and Performance. This level is only open to students who have gone through the beginner’s cycle and proven aptitude and respect for the dance.

We look forward to seeing you at a Swing Nite. And remember,

“If you don’t learn to dance with us, please learn with someone!”

Your well-wisher,

Frank Monday

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  1. Fun and informal dance class

    Frank is a great teacher who will always manage the class to the size/ability of the participants. Really fun and casual. You can come alone or with friends. Nice little space in Beixingqiao hutong.

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