The Orchid Dumplings & Noodle Making Classes

The Orchid Lodge Cooking Classes
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Dumplings Making Class

Each Tuesday night  (7:30pm-10pm) The Orchid hosts Lu Jie’s fine dumpling making skills as part of a group class that anyone staying in Beijing can take part in. During the class, you’ll have the chance to learn, eat and drink with the group – but most importantly, you’ll have a blast!

Noodle Making Class

Come every Thursday (7:30pm-10pm) and learn how to make variations of You Po Che Mian, similar to what you’ll find all over Beijing, but probably not as good! This class works for all backgrounds and skill levels.

What’s included:

Chef’s secrets, food, wine, Great Leap Brewing’s draft beer (NEW), soft drinks and juices

Orchid Guests:
Adults: 250 RMB
Children (12 and under): 150 RMB

Other Guests:
Adults: 350 RMB
Children (12 and under): 200 RMB

Contact The Orchid ASAP to book. Spaces are very limited!

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