“NEW FOLLIES”: An ONLINE tribal bellydance training with INKO

Inko Tribal bellydance
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Click-to-Call +8618618155635
Website https://m.facebook.com/inkotribalbellydance/


Tribal bellydance is a modern fusion of ancient dance forms, evoking mystery, sensuality and elegance. Every week, you have the choice of one or both of these types of training. Join the tribe and dive into your own power!

THE NEW FOLLIES experience is inspired by the effervescence who took over Paris and Shanghai in the 20’s!



  • OPEN TRAINING (12h): 1500元
  • TF+ATS OPEN TRAININGS (24h): 2400元

3 reviews

  1. Being creative and confident with your Tribal Fusion Bellydance trip!

    I joined the training this year in April, I really enjoy the moment that I dance with Inko, she is passionate, creative, flexible and tolerant, she encourages everyone sincerely and accepts every one as who they are, she can always find a position for anyone in the performance. Join us to make more possibilities and creation of dance together, you will enjoy every minutes when you are dancing this sexy and powerful bellydance, it’s exceptional!

  2. Lets you explore the limits of your body' s flexibility and strength in a fun way!

    I tried Inko’ s class for 3 times now, and I feel it’s amazing how inspiring it is ! Not only does Inko combine strength and flexibility exercises in each class, we also learn a choreography. Each class leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment , and a feeling of connection between you, the other dancers, the music , your mind and body.
    Final verdict: it’s awesome, join too!

  3. A captivating dance class!

    I followed Inko since she opened her first class and I have to admit that she has been the best dance teacher I ever had. Her classes are full of energy, creativity, sharing, simply captivating! She will always be there to guide you if you have troubles doing a movement and she uses her creative mind to explain to you how to do it right. Great teaching methods! If you are looking forward to spend some great time learning a challenging and beautiful dance you should definitely give it a try!

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