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EVERY TUESDAY 7pm –  Learn to kick, twist, punch, fall, flip with precision from very beginning to master level in a fun filled environment jam packed with a variety of martial arts and action movie professionals! We invite you to share in what we love most!!!

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10 reviews

  1. Troy Sanford is a real life Steve Rogers!

    From the moment Troys blasts into the gym you can clearly see that he is a consummate master of the arena. With his superior knowledge of the film industry, supportive leadership, and insightful instruction, it’s non-stop action oriented skill building activities of the highest calibre that translate into a truly marketable repretoire. Whatever your fitness level you’re not going to be disappointed. This class is comprehensive and thorough to say the least. We did ‘tried and true’ warm-ups, wushu drills, tumbling, and dynamic stretching all within the first twenty minutes. It’s when we paired off and did group work that his real life Steve Rogers (Captain America) charm shines through. Troy’s talent with fight choreography and directing are clearly apparent. Knowing what looks good on camera and what’s useful in the street separates this class from any other. As a long time martial arts practitioner it was important to me that Troy would connect the movie style action knowledge with sequential applications practical for genuine combat experiences. I would recommend this class not only to Hollywood type go-getters looking to get some chops in the tinseltown fight club but even to those veteran tough guys of true grit that want to look good in front of the camera.

  2. Troy's Team best experience!!

    All i think is, if you want to get some serious skills for action acting and martial arts, this is just the perfect spot!, is really difficult to find a place with like this!, what i mean is that all the trainings are meant with great detail for many different kind of people and their requirements ,from beginers to professionals all are welcomed, the class is awesome!, at the end of it you feel that you did’t waste a minute of your time, totally worth it.

  3. Amazing insight

    Troy has such amazing insight into Kung Fu and Filmmaking. He’s extremely knowledgeable about his craft. Every class is different, but consist in walking away like I learned something and I got a great workout while doing it. If you’ve a seasoned actor or ever been curious about martial arts or filmmaking this is perfect for you

  4. The Legend

    Troy, an inspiration, a motivator, a legend. You seldom get the chance to meet people with such talent, drive and enthusiasm. And all this very contagious if you are in close distance. Highly recommended!!

  5. The ONLY place in Beijing to learn action for film

    I have been acting in China for the past three years and I have always wanted to find a place to train and improve my action abilities and it wasn’t until I found Troy’s team that I finally found that. I have tried going to different studios but none of them teach the quality and detail that Troy does. You definitely have to get into this class if you’re serious about acting and martial arts

  6. Unique experience!

    Guys, I can’t by words describe how exciting I am about each class! Because every time it’s something new, so I never get bored, all the times we learn some new things about martial arts and cinematography. And Troy is just the greatest teacher I met in my life! He knows so much and explains complicated things in very simple and humorous way! Just love these classes! Keep it up, Troy’s team!

  7. Insightful and immersive experience

    Very cool, relaxed environment. The instructors are very knowledgeable about the film industry and its needs and so alot, both in terms physical movements and stunts as well as useful information can be learnt in the time – very productive sessions. The facilities on offer (includes a boxing ring, taekwondo style ring and gymnastics equipment) are also quite impressive and extensive.

  8. Great Action Class

    This class and team was a lifesaver when I first got to China. Troy and his team welcomed me with open arms. The team is skilled yet open to beginners and don’t make you feel like a beginner. The manage to challenge new faces and experienced action actors. Great training, great people, worth a look.

  9. Amazing experience!

    Did my first class about 2 months ago and I immediately loved it! Troy is able to teach at different skill levels and make it worthwile for everybody. Also, i got a lot of help from the other participants (lots of professionals) who have more experience than me. Wonderful learning environment, I never feel judged, but I’m always encouraged to get better.

  10. Great experience!

    It was crazy cool! The amount of details about action and actual practice totally worth it? instead of 1 hour we did like 2ish, exhausted from exercises, but happy!!!!!!!

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