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Tango dance and music lies at the very heart of Buenos Aires culture. As a newcomer to the city it’s the perfect way to connect with the essence and history of the city and mix with the local Porteños of all generations.

A beautiful, sensual dance, it takes just one lesson to learn the 8 step basic (I promise!) and get an understanding of why this dance is so loved not just in Argentina but all over the world.

Hi, my name’s Lucy and I relocated to Buenos Aires from the UK in 2010, following my passion for tango. Alongside my local Argentine dance partners, I’ve been teaching tango, running tours to the most authentic milongas (tango dance halls), performing and competing here in BA for the last 9 years.

You don’t need any previous experience, special shoes or a dance partner to take a class, our lessons are fun and relaxed in central locations in the capital.

We look forward to welcoming you to the magical world of tango!

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