Milun Kungfu in Shanghai

Traditional Chinese Kungfu and Culture
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Strengthen your body, calm down your mind, brighten up your spirit, cultivate your life.

Kungfu is a powerful ancient Chinese practice that promotes physical and mental agility. Master Zhang Yuxuan, discipline of Master Zhang Shengli (founder of Zhang style and Milun school) believes that kungfu training contributes to a healthy and happy life.

Master Zhang Yuxuan is Milun headmaster since 2004 and international martial arts champion (China lightweight men’s sanda kickboxing champion in 2002, first place in Beijing International Martial arts Open 2005&2006). His teaching drives you to a deep understanding of your meridians and the energetic flow of your body, how to use it to both improve your health and develop your fighting skills.

What can Kungfu bring to you?

Fitness, wellness, peace of mind, self-defense, but also a better and deeper understanding of the traditional Chinese culture and philosophy.

Kungfu is for everybody.

Master Zhang Yuxuan is passionate about sharing his knowledge of martial arts with students of all levels, ages and abilities. Classes are taught in english and chinese.

He teaches Taiji, Qigong, Bagua, Xingyi and Shaolinquan.


For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Master Zhang or have a look on our Milun wechat account and our website!

The Milun Traditional KungFu school was founded in 2000 by Master Zhang Shengli. You can find Milun in Beijing, Shanghai but also in Toledo (Spain)!

The Charming life starts at Milun.

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